Our strategy revolves around gathering data about prospective customers online, which we use to build rapport with them on the phone and convert what started out as a lead into a high-quality customer.

Why Conversion Matters

Businesses often fail because they do a poor job of maximizing each customer contact. At Visionstar, we understand the importance that conversion plays in every step of the direct marketing process.

We understand that we're only as good as the value we create, which forces us to focus on delivering the highest quality customer possible. In order to do this, we have to have a very efficient and effective sales process.

The Process

We establish separate business units for each of our unique partners, all with dedicated marketing, sales, and technology teams. This gives us the advantage of applying knowledge gained in one vertical rapidly across others, in order to increase marketing effectiveness and sales conversion.

Each sales team is dedicated and trained to sell a specific product or service, rather than taking calls for many campaigns, a strategy used in many other call center. When a prospective customer reaches out to us, either by calling us directly or requesting a call back from us, our agents use their advanced information base and sales expertise to drive conversion.

Our People

While others have tried to replicate our process, the one thing they cannot replicate is our people. Our people are by far our biggest competitive advantage. We're fortunate to be located in the second largest city in America, allowing to find some of the best available talent.

Our selection process is unique and each sales consultant completes a rigorous product knowledge and sales training program before ever taking their first call. Our dedicated support staff provides ongoing training and development programs, giving each and every sales consultant the information they need to succeed.